Welcome to the unique adornments of Black Cat Jewellery. If you are wondering about the name, it is in remembrance of a beloved cat who has gone to kitty heaven. As for me, I am an independent jewellery artisan based in London, Ontario, making fine quality necklaces at affordable prices. I don't mass produce my work. I buy the best quality components that I can, and I tend only to buy in small amounts. This means that most of my pieces are one of a kind: I can sometimes recreate a piece upon request but I tend to make unique items most of the time. Jewellery making is my creative outlet and is very much a labour of love. Making pieces that people really enjoy puts a smile on my face.

I sell mostly at craft shows and to private clients. I have literally hundreds of pieces for sale at any one time, so I do not attempt to put all my pieces online. Therefore, the images on this web site are a representation of the kinds of work that I do, rather than an inventory of what I have for sale.  If you see something that interests you, please let me know and I can make something for you that is the same or very similar. That way, I can customize it to your needs (length, colour, specific stones etc.). I hope you enjoy browsing the site!

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#1 - Beaded necklaces in semi-precious stones. Left to right - Turquoise Howlite, Red Agate, Turquoise, Hematite with Quartz, Indian Agate and Poppy Jasper. Prices range from $18 to $25.


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#2 - Semi-precious gemstone chokers on stainless steel wire. These necklaces are designed to sit just at the base of the neck or a bit below the neck. Left to right - Turquoise, Hematite, Tiger's eye and Multi-coloured Agate. Prices from $12 to $15.


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#3 - Multi-strand semi-precious necklaces. These light and airy necklaces are great for summer with T-shirts or lower cut tops but also look terrific over a turtleneck or sweater. Left to right - Argentinian Rhodochrosite, Faceted Black Onyx, Green Malachite and Yellow Jade. Prices from $15-$18.


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#4 - Semi-precious gemstone shorter chain necklaces. Chain length is about 24 inches so a nice length if you don't want a fully beaded necklace or a really long necklace. Left to right - Ammonite Fossil, Turquoise, Labradorite, Picture Jasper and  Red Agate. Prices range from $18-$22.


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#5 - Tree of Life and Chakra necklaces - I make a variety of long and short necklaces with either Tree of Life symbols, or stones representing the seven chakras of the body. Left to right - Green Peridot Tree of Life, Lapis Lazuli Tree of Life, Copper Tree of Life with Chakra gemstones, large Chakra gemstone pendant, and other chakra gemstone pendants, including the Om symbol, Tree of Life and Half Moon. Prices range from $15 to $20.


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#6 - Long chain necklaces - I make a wide variety of longer chain necklaces in silver or bronze, some with pendants and some without. Long chain necklaces range from $18 to $22 and are usually 32 to 34 inches.


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#7 - Long gemstone necklaces. 32 to 34 inches. Left to right - Pink Jade, Turquoise, Green Agate, Picture Jasper and Carnelian Agate. Prices range from $18-$25.


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#8 - Mala Gemstone Meditation Beads - Typically 108 beads, malas are used in Buddhism as a means of keeping track of the repetition of mantras. However, many people who are not Buddhist use them for their meditation practice, or just to wear as a necklace. Around 32 inches, depending on the design. $25. Left to right - Sodalite, Amazonite, Dream Agate, Picture Jasper and Black Onyx.



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#9 - Wire wrapped gemstone pendants on 20 inch cord - Top row from left - Jasper, Dream Agate, Striped Agate, Agate Arrowhead. Bottom row from left - Mother of Pearl, Rose Quartz, Green Onyx, Purple Onyx. $12-$15.


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#10 - Glass pendants on 20 inch cord - $10-$12.


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#11 - Unisex Pewter and Stainless Steel pendants on cord or chain - $10-$12.


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#12 - Glass or crystal pendants on 20 inch stainless steel chain - $12-$15.


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#13 - Braided leather or hemp bracelets, some with beads, some without. $5-$8 depending on design.






Upcoming Shows

June 3-4 - Artwalk, Sarnia downtown
June 10-11 - Rosy Rhubarb - Shedden, Southwold Keystone Complex
July 1 - Canada Day London - Harris Park
July 7-9 - Canterbury Folk Festival - Ingersoll, Memorial Park
Aug. 5-7 - Lynn River Music Festival  - Simcoe, Wellington Park
Sept. 9 - Art in the Park - Bright's Grove, Mike Weir Park
Sept. 30-Oct. 1 - Applefest - Ruthven, Colisanti's Tropical Paradise
Oct. 14-15 - Lambton Fall Colour and Craft Festival - Grand Bend, Museum
Nov. 1 - Fanshawe College Craft Show - Fanshawe College M Building
Nov. 10-12 - Rotary Christmas Craft Show - Stratford Rotary Complex
Nov. 15 - United Way Jewellery Sale - Univ. of Western Ontario, FIMS/Nursing Building
Nov. 25-26 - Old World Christmas Market - London, Bellamere Winery
Dec. 2 - Animalert Bazaar - Western Fair Grounds





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